Proven in Food Processing, Chemical, Pharama, Plastic, Textile & Rubber Industries & Exporters.
  High Sensitivity & Reliability, Low Cost Operation.
  Easy to Install and operate.
  Audio visual Alarm.
  Auto Reject Mechanism.

Due to reliable Performance, Highest sensitivity and dependable service MASCOT ELECTROTEK PVT. LTD., ensures that Ferrous / Nonferrous & SS (Stainless Steel) metal contamination does not reach the consumer or damage expensive machinery. As per ISO norms selected items have to be scanned for any metallic contamination before international shipment.
MASCOT Incline metal detectors are simple, rugged, interacting machines that move high volumes of bulk material reliably and economically. In addition to the accurate control of flow, MASCOT combines Metal Detector to monitor the conveyed product for bought ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Upon detection a timed output activates either a flip gate or extension plate located at the end of the unit to remove the contaminated product from the normal flow of product.



   High sensitivity, high accuracy & Stability.    Dual Signal / Dual channel design.
   Automatic balance.    Product effect cancellation control provided.
   Modular plug in card system.    Vibration & Shock Proof.
   Easy to operate.     Audio/Visual alarm on detection. 
   Stainless Steel finish for easy clean and hygienic design.   Adjustable sensitivity
   100% Indigenous / Maintenance-Free / Saves your service budget


    Pharmaceutical.   Biscuits & Bread Plants.   Rubber.   
    Food Processing Industries   Textiles   Shoe Industries.
    Plastics.   PVC Films.   Confectionery.
    Paper Mills.   Chemicals.      Tea Industries.
    Soap Industries.   Fibber Plant.   Sea Food exporters
    Toy Industries.   Garment Industries.   Exporters
A metal detector, sensitivity is usually defined as the diameter of the smallest size sphere, which is always
Incline Type : Sensitivity Guide [With no Product Effect]
Aperture Size Best Sensitivity Metal Free Zone
Width (mm) Height (mm) Ferrous (mm) Non Ferrous (mm) On either side of Search Head (mm)
100 50 0.5 0.6 75
200 100 0.8 1.0 150
300 150 1.2 1.6 225
400 200 1.6 2.4 300
600 250 2.2 3.5 375
500 50 1.0 1.4 350

  Size of aperture & Incline System designed as per customer application